Krytox®  Vacuum Pump Oil, Perfluorpolyether (PFPE)

  • high-performance lubricants - extremely stable
  • temperature range from -70°C to 400°C
  • very low coefficient of friction
  • extremely long life time
  • chemically inert and oxygen-resistant
  • environmentally neutral


Krytox® oils are perfluoropolyethers that are thickened to form a grease with PTFE – polytetrafluoroether, which is sold by the manufacturer DuPont under the brand name Teflon®. Krytox® was developed in the 1960s by DuPont together with the U.S. Airforce and later used to great success by NASA in the Apollo space missions. Krytox® was the first synthetic lubricant formulated with PTFE.
Krytox® has become a general-purpose product with a wide range of uses thanks to its extraordinary product characteristics and its ability to accept various additives. Krytox® lubricants can be divided into three basic groups. Along with the general-purpose lubricants or GPLs, special grades have been developed for use in aerospace and vacuum applications, which have particular requirements.
Besides that, the XHT grades specially formulated for use in high-temperature applications are available.

The lubricating oils and greases in the Krytox® product range are extremely stable and reliable high-performance lubricants, capable of working in a temperature range from -70° C to 400° C. The high-quality PFPE oils and the PTFE-thickened greases have a very low coefficient of friction and are extremely long-lasting. They resist severe mechanical stresses and are not soluble in most solvents. Krytox® are non-flammable and non-ignitable. The multi-fluorinated lubricants in the Krytox® range are chemically inert and oxygen-resistant. They are also compatible with most common elastomers and plastics. Krytox® is environmentally neutral and can be regenerated after use.


 packing unit
Krytox® 15065 kgon requestFomblin®  YL VAC 06/6 Rotary vane/piston pumps mineral oil replacement
Krytox® 15145 kgon requestFomblin®  YL VAC 14/6 Roots pumps
Krytox® 15255 kgon requestFomblin®  YL VAC 25/6 Rotary vane/piston pumps viscosity (25°C; 250 cSt)
Krytox® 1525 XP5 kgon request Krytox® XP with corrosion protection
Vakuum-Fett ------------
Krytox® LVP 3 kgon request  
Krytox® LVP 2 oz Tubeon request  
Krytox® LVP 8 oz Tubeon request  
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Krytox® = is the registered trade mark of the company DuPont
Fomblin® = is the registered trade mark of the company SOLVAY