Sealing Rings for Industry- and Vacuum-Applications

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  • Service for all vacuum seals 
  • Customer specific sealing rings for vacuum chambers
  • >25 years of production know-how
  • All common O-rings and materials available
  • Highest quality according to DIN ISO 3302-1, 3601, 3771 u. 7715-5


Seals are an important design element in widely diverse classifications. They are used in virtually all technical elements, like in cars, household appliances, airplanes and machinery. There is hardly any technical product that doesn't contain the element "seal". A seal has the primary task, to separate two rooms with different media, so that no media exchange can take place between the rooms.

There is no absolute tightness in the physical sense. In particular, in vacuum technology, you need to know, what tightness should be obtained.

INDOMET helps you in choosing the right seal in terms of the material and the requirements of application (chemical and thermal stability pressure, safety, installation space, tightness (leak rate) and lifetime).

Our unique Know-How:

Our workshop is specialized in vulcanising vacuum-sealings of all kinds.

We manufacture custom made vacuum seals also for very large vacuum chambers.

Over several decades, in many vacuum-specific trials, we developed together with well known vacuum equipment manufacturers this very special expertise and production know-how.

This has ensured the success of our customers!

Sealing Materials

ACM - Acrylat-Kautschuk; FEPM Aflas®  Tetrafluorethylen-Propylen-Copolymer-Kautschuk; NBR - Acrylnitril-Butadien-Kautschuk; IIR - Butyl-Kautschuk; CR - Chloropren-Kautschuk; CSM - Chlorsulfoniertes Polyethylen; EPDM - Ethylen-Propylen-Dien-Kautschuk; EPM - Ethylen-Propylen-Kautschuk; FFKM/FFPM - Perfluorelastomer; FKM - Fluor-Kautschuk; FVMQ - Fluorsilikon-Kautschuk; HNBR - Hydrierter Nitril-Kautschuk; NR - Natur-Kautschuk; AU - Polyurethan-Kautschuk; PTFE - Polytetrafluorethylen; VMQ - Silikon-Kautschuk; FPM/FKM Viton® Fluor-Kautschuk, Fluorkarbon-Kautschuk

AFLAS®  = registered trademark, ASAHI GLASS Co. Ltd. 
VITON®   =
 registered trademark, DuPont Performance Elastomers

All information is correct to the best of our knowledge. But we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information.

Please note:

Elastomers have a limited lifetime. Therefore we recommend regular inspection and replacement intervals.


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