Aluminium Wire for Vacuum Metallising

  • high aluminium purity
  • spitting free evaporation
  • precise and constant wire positioning
  • longer life time of the evaporator
  • highest productivity


The aluminum wire is intended in particular for the metallization of plastic films or papers in  vacuum-coating equipments. The coated films and papers are mostly processed into packaging materials or electrical capacitors.

We are able to offer you a wide range of qualities, wire diameters and wire hardnesses. Tight manufacturing tolerances can be achieved by in-house manufacturing of dies. Quality control, mechanical, electrical, physical and chemical testing and analysis of each production lot will be created and recorded prior to delivery. Each delivery of goods is shipped with a detailed analysis report. From incoming goods to outgoing goods, all products are manufactured using the latest manufacturing equipment and monitored by an integrated quality system.

The high purity of the aluminum wire ensures optimal, spitting-free coating process and a long lifetime for the evaporation boats. To avoid splashes in the coating process of aluminum, the wire will be cleaned after it is drawn and all traces of the lubricants from the manufacturing process will be removed. The controlled annealing of the wire and the precise wire winding provide excellent mechanical properties, which enable a stable guidance of the wire and a constant point of impact on the evaporation boat. Our wire coils are of course one piece of wire made without any connection points.

Standard Spool Types:

picture  drawing
type · wight · material · % · wire· Ø · hardness
  • Spool 280 · 6,0 kg · aluminium · 99,8% · wire · 1,8 mm · H18  
  • Spool 305A · 6,5 kg · aluminium · 99,8% · wire · 1,8 mm · H18
  • Spool 305B · 8,5 kg · aluminium · 99,8% · wire · 1,8 mm · H18
  • Spool  320 · 10,0 kg · aluminium · 99,8% · wire · 1,8 mm · H18

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Technical Data:

Form: wire
Surface: oil and grease free, particularly suitable for vacuum metallisation
Wire Ø: 1,5mm; 1,6mm; 1,8mm; 2,0mm; 2,4mm; ...
Wire Hardness: H 18
Material: aluminium
EU Norm (EN 573): EN AW-1080A (AI99,8(A)
Al-Purity: 99,8%
< 0,15%
< 0,15%
< 0,03%
< 0,02%
< 0,02%
< 0,06%
< 0,02%
< 0,02%
Application: Vacuum web coating of film, foil and paper; vapor deposition; thin film technology;  matallisation; ...
Compatibility: Web Coater from: Leybold; Applied Materials; Galileo; GVE; and others