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  • Systems 
    Development and manufacturing of thin film / vacuum coating devices and systems
  • Components & Materials 
    International procurement and sales of components and consumables
  • Consulting, Strategy and Project-Management 
    Professional management or assistance in sales or procurement of capital investment goods

INDOMET was founded by an unique team of experts from the equipment manufacturing in the vacuum thin film industry. We have profound knowledge from the development till the marketing of sophisticated technical products. Our staff has many years of business experience in international high technology markets. We are cooperating with local companies of highly qualified products manufactured in Asia, America or Europe.



The Al wire is especially manufactured for vacuum metallisation of plastic films or papers.

Silicone Oil

The INDOMET silicone oil is specifically developed for the use as high grade diffusion pump fluid.
The oil is suitable for all types of vacuum diffusion pumps and booster pumps.



Special Vacuum Oil and Grease from DuPont
Perfluorpolyether (PFPE)


Quartz Monitor Crystals

Crystral sensors for the layer thickness control of vacuum thin film coatings and chemical coatings.

Vacuum Coating Systems

We transfer industrial vacuum thin film technology into small devices and apparatuses.

O-Rings & Seals

Seals for industry equipment and high vacuum applications


  • Project management
  • Sales support (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, ...)
  • Training - vacuum-technology
  • Service - vacuum pumps